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Kontak TT 2014

Kami peserta TT 2014 hadir di facebook…. Bagi yang ingin berkenalan dan bertanya-tanya, silakan kunjungi dan kontak kami via facebook masing-masing 🙂 Izul Asyari (Hokkaido University of Education) Tina T. … Continue reading

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Our Togetherness – TT 2014 Gathering in Japan (August 2015)

We were destined to meet in this program, Teacher Training 2014. All moments we have shared together from the time we met for the interview at Japanese Embassy in Jakarta … Continue reading

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Spending my only once summer break in Japan as a TT 2014er in Okinawa, the furthest below island of Japan, the only place where there’s not any winter season, unlike … Continue reading

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Things I Have Learned from Japan

Having a chance living in Japan has opened my eyes to see many things that didn’t even once cross my mind before. There are things here that I don’t see … Continue reading

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Kami dan Teacher Training 2014 di Hirodai

Peserta teacher training di Universitas Hiroshima tahun 2014 berjumlah delapan orang dari empat negara, Filipina, Malaysia, Cina dan Indonesia. Peserta terbanyak berasal dari Filipina dengan jumlah lima orang peserta, sedangkan … Continue reading

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They Call It “Culture Shock”

Well said it’s a lot of things to learn and adapt when you live in another country. You must learn and make yourself comfortable with whatever the conditions of the … Continue reading

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TT 2015 Returning HomeMarch 25th, 2017
Makan, school visit, zemi, jalan-jalan... sebentar lagi laporan akhir lalu pulang! T_T
TT 2014 Returning HomeMarch 30th, 2016
We will always cherish the lesson you have thought us

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