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My Way of Enjoying Life in Fukui

Hello, My name is Mala  Manurung.  I have been enrolled in the teacher training program at Fukui University since September 2015. I would like  to share some ways for you to enjoy Fukui.  

Fukui is ranked top in overall happiness  in a survey on happiness level in all 47 prefectures. I have to acknowledge that I am one of the happy people in Fukui.  It was not easy at first, especially if you feel homesick, but try to enjoy Fukui as much as you can.  When I arrived in Japan is spoke no Japanese and started learning Japanese when I arrived in Japan. It was very challenging the first month here. I only knew my Indonesian friends and the other students in  teacher training programs.  At that point I realized that I needed to join some community organizations to enjoy life in Japan, especially in Fukui.

I realized as a Ryugakusei  (International student)I will be invited to many activities and most of them would be interesting and challenging. Since I realized I had many options to enjoy my life here I made a list of goals to achieve during my stay in Japan. I started by making two kinds of goals. There were things that I wanted to keep doing the same like in my country and I wanted to challenge myself to move out of my comfort zone, which means really new activities for me. I would only do activities that met these goals. By having goals your time will be used wisely.

For example, I really wanted to know what  life is like in Fukui and make friends with many Japanese people from different age ranges. Therefore, I decided to see which activities I could join with little Japanese understanding and the possibility to speak in English. I am  lucky that at Fukui University I have the Global Hub as one way to make friends and also to practice Japanese and English at the same time. Global Hub is the meeting place for Ryugakusei and Japanese students.  I try to join all the activities at the Global Hub as much as I can. The one activity that I enjoy the most is the English and Japanese time every Monday at 6 pm-7 pm. Japanese friends and other friends who understand Japanese helped me a lot with the activities in Japanese. Additionally, I also enjoy learning new Japanese terms/cultures through Japanese time and sharing my knowledge during the English speaking/activities time. There are also many events held at the Global Hub.  I really recommend you to attend Global Hub events!  

Other examples of my goals include wanting to continue using proper English.  I realize I might have a decreasing level of English skill because I have been practicing my Japanese as often as I can. Luckily, at one of the events at the Global Hub, I met someone that invited me to  join the Toast Master English club to practice my English.

I also recommend that you read the events in the Fukui International Activities (FIA) Pocket flyer. I receive it in the orientation program and through an email sent by the university. There are many events held here that you can enjoy even though you may have little understanding of Japanese. One event that I joined my first two months here was Shaberiba. Shaberiba is a place for Fukui citizen and foreigners to enjoy conversations in simple Japanese. This regular event is held once every two weeks so I have a good possibility of making new friends.

I am also keep doing the positive things you usually do in your country in Fukui. For example, if you are Christian you can join a local church and participate in their community. This also applies if you practice another religion.

By attending many events I will have the opportunity to meet new people and network with them. Once I discover I options you will be able to sort out and choose the events that meet my goals. Fukui has everything for you to enjoy. The beautiful places, the warm people, and great events. I just need to challenge myself to try new things and give myself an opportunity to enjoy them even though they may not be convenient at first. Start by making goals and joining events that meet my goals! Of course, don‘t forget to study!

So, I keep in my mind:  Enjoy Fukui and be one of the happiest people in Japan!


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