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Coming to a country that doesn’t use Roman letters is quite frustrating. It happened to me when I came to Japan on October 2013. I saw strange shapes of words everywhere. About two months, I was so shocked with Japanese language, since I could not read it, especially with Kanji. This made me hate this country.

I am here since I decided to continue my study to deepen my knowledge in English education. Everybody questioned my decision about going to Japan to study English, as we know that Japanese people are struggling in English, especially in communication. Therefore, many friends of mine had a big question marked with my decision, but I have my own reason about it. It’s because Indonesia and Japan are in the same level in treating English as foreign language. Consequently, I want to learn about how Japanese teachers teach their students about English.

I thought Japan was Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, kimono, sushi, samurai, sakura, Honda and Gundam before. During my stay here, I am learning lots of their unique and interesting culture. Japanese people still adhere to their culture. They are very proud of it. My hatred grows so big with this condition to this country.

This four-season country is not just about those things that I have already mentioned above; if you understand deeper and deeper, you will learn their politeness and their consistent way of life. Also, their concern with the environment makes this country famous with its cleanliness. That makes me hate more about this country.

However, this tiny country (compare to Indonesia) is slowly changing my way of thinking. I used to be on time person, but here you need to be in time person, because if you are late just for a minute, you will miss everything. Like, you will miss your train, bus, or ferry. Be punctual is one way of their life.

Then, I used to be a person who likes to mix all of the garbage. I don’t care whether it is a burnable, unburnable or plastic garbage. But here, I am learning how to separate the garbage and maintain my environment. Also, this country makes me jealous with its safety. I feel so secure living here. Thus, visiting this country is very worth-living experience.

More than one year I have been living in this country, and this country, which famous with its culture and hospitality, has already changed me to be a better person, at least for myself, and hopefully I can be an agent of change for my country to make Indonesia better than before. I envy so much with this country and its people and I hate about that. Thus, I want to go back and make my country like this country.

Gradually, I feel in love with this country. I have already made it as my second country. That’s why; I hate Japan because I have to leave this lovely country soon. I feel that I need more time to adopt their culture and spirit to be a better person in life. Therefore, please allow me to change the title into THANK YOU JAPAN, I HATE TO LEAVE YOU.japanlandscapejapan4194

Sonny Elfiyanto – Naruto University of Education
PS: This article will be published on this March by NUE Magazine. Picture taken from web


About sonnyelfiyanto

I am a humorist, easy going, and care person. I like playing music a lot. Now, I am an educator in Malang. Collecting Hot Wheels and Gundam are my new hobbies.

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