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Final Report Teacher Training MEXT

Bendel laporan akhir, saya pilih cover yang artistik dengan diikat tali.

Bendel laporan akhir, saya pilih cover yang artistik dengan diikat tali.

Now I am at the end of finalizing my report. Maybe this is my last post being a MEXT students. But before you can have a peek on the report, I am going to tell you something behind it. You have to note that my experience does not necessarily represent all teachers in this program, although I am quite sure there is not much difference.

On the first and every occasion I consult to my professor, the student’s support office, or my seniors, the clue for how the final report should be suggests me to imagine a simple articles instead of papers, you know, with chapters division, introduction, theoretical review, bla… bla… bla… No, definitely not! You must ask me why, unless my fellow teachers back home are going to read it, then it will be a pile of useless paper. So here I go, writing 3 simple articles hoping somebody will give me feedback as much as it gives benefits to others. Like I said, maybe I am the only one making it this way.

The office answered upon my question, “When is the deadline?” and such things, “There is no obligatory accomplishment,” they replied. My professor is the one who asked me, “So, what do you require to do?” Err… am I not suppose to be the one who asking you that? So, this is it! Enjoy your free study! After finishing this one, soon I am going to work further with my other interest: writing a book.

My report consists of three parts, respectively: the rationale, the overview, and the research. For your convenience I have uploaded them all, full documents, in Academia. Do not hesitate to read, copy, or share if necessary. Ganbatte!

If you need the bahasa version, kindly drop yourself in at my blog

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Jemparing Gilig! (Panahan Bulat) adalah aktualisasi olah raga sunnah mendekati situasi yang sesungguhnya, dimana Anda tidak hanya harus memiliki keahlian memanah secara teknis, namun juga dituntut memompa keberanian, dan menyusun strategi tim.

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