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When does your life begin?

8 December 2013 at 23:30

Life doesnot always begin at zero age when we were born. For different people, life begins at different time. As for me, to know the outside world, the big city where I had never been in my life before, was when my life began. It happened in my 30s. When I faced the fact that I had to cross the highway by my self, gazing at the glowing billboard under the feet of the glossy skyscrapers, getting lost amid the buzzing people going up and down the escalators in the airport, trying to find which direction was I heading when no one was around me for asking. That was the beginning for me..

For other people, it could be the moment when they heard the word ‘orange’ not as color but to refer to a round shaped fruit with juicy flesh inside merely because the fruit dies not grow in their country. It could be the other moment when they saw chopsticks for the first time and wondered how to use it. As nobody showing it how, they tried to put two pairs of chopstick between their thumb and pointer finger and confidently finish the japanese noodle and finding out the mistake a week later. Or it could be the moment when the other guy used the chopstick one in the right hand and another one in the left. Never ask them if they had seen how people use them on tv. It will never be the answer, because this is how God work to make their life, my life begin.

And, for every body, there always be such a moment. Don’t regret, no need to embarrassed. Trust Him, let Him work His way. Be ready and get prepared, for at some points in your life, there will be more beginnings to come.
*my life has just began again when somebody I met just once,told me to write again.

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